Our 3 HOUR GUIDED SAFARI IS BACK and better than ever! Spanning over 6 km in a secluded part of the park, lies our beautiful stretch along the banks of the Crocodile River. This area is a highlight of our 3-hour safaris, where guests get to enjoy drinks and snacks along the picturesque cliffs during this experience. After the rains, this area needed a bit of TLC, and that’s exactly what we’ve been busy with! Our amazing team has been hard at work and we are thrilled to announce that our 3-hour safari is back in action, offering guests the chance to immerse themselves in the tranquility of the Crocodile River once again. 

Besides the scenic stop along the river, this section of the reserve is only accessible on a handful of experiences making it the perfect opportunity to spot species not frequently seen in the rest of the park like the Nyala, Mountain Reedbuck, and even some of our more elusive species like the Caracal and Otters to name a few, not to mention this area is a birding paradise, with our resident pair of Fish Eagles often making an appearance. We invite you to join us on our 3-hour safari and re-discover the Crocodile River and its surrounding landscapes! 

Speaking of rain, we’ve made exploring a smoother experience! After a rather intense rainy season over the last few months, the rain came and took away the dusty winter air, but it also took our smooth roads along with it. Over the last few weeks, our dedicated team has undertaken the massive task of resurfacing and smoothing our roads which span kilometres through the park. The newly resurfaced roads now offer a smoother and more comfortable journey, allowing our guests to fully immerse themselves in the beauty of the park without the distraction of bumpy rides. Whether you're embarking on a self-drive adventure or joining one of our guided tours,  you can now navigate  the park with ease and enjoy uninterrupted views of our magnificent animals and landscapes.

Our win against invasive species 

Our indigenous ecosystem is a very fragile space, and as the saying goes, "Stranger danger" is a real thing even in nature. The effects of invasive species on our indigenous fauna and flora can be devastating, completely offsetting the balance in the ecosystem. Enter the SANParks Alien Clearing team.

Over the last 2 years, the SANParks team has been hard at work removing invasive plant species throughout the park. Some of the most problematic species they have been tackling include Lantana weed, Tree of Heaven, and the dreaded Pompom weed. The latter is rapidly becoming the most serious threat to the conservation of grasslands in South Africa, displacing native

species and drastically reducing the carrying capacity of wildlife in affected areas. Kabelo Petja and Annikie Moyo, part of this dedicated team, can be seen removing Pompom weeds. The team’s relentless efforts have been instrumental in ensuring the park remains a well-balanced ecosystem. We are immensely grateful for the hard work and commitment of the SANParks Alien Clearing team. Their contribution is vital in maintaining the health and diversity of our ecosystem, ensuring that the Lion & Safari Park continues to thrive as a safe space for South African wildlife.

Little Rangers,
Big Adventure

Hey Kiddos! Ready for a wild ride? The Lion & Safari Park is calling! Say goodbye to boring screens and hello to real-life adventures with Jamu and his team of nature experts. We've got tons of cool activities lined up just for you this year. Get ready to explore the untamed wonders of the park like never before!

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Running Wild!
Feel the thrill of the Ginovation run with Wild Africa Experiences taking place on 25 May 2024

Save the date and come join us for another unforgettable adventure! 
Stay tuned to our social media channels for updates on our upcoming adrenaline-pumping trail runs. Don't miss out on the excitement!
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The lesser known animals of the park 

While you might be familiar some of our renowned wildlife like the lions, giraffes, cheetahs, and many more iconic species, there are many lesser-known species that also call our park home. These creatures, though not always in the spotlight, play a crucial role in maintaining the balance of our ecosystem.

Among the hidden gems of our park are the Black-backed Jackal, Caracal, Serval, Honey Badgers, Brown Hyenas, Water Mongoose, Otters, and Genets, to name just a few. These species naturally occur in the area, and it has always been part of our mission to provide a safe and protected area for them as they face continuous habitat depletion in the surrounding regions.

Our commitment extends beyond just providing a safe space for these animals. With various research initiatives taking place at the park over the years, our camera traps often capture rare sightings of these elusive animals. These candid snapshots offer valuable insights into their behaviour, movements, and interactions with the environment, helping us to better understand and protect them. So, the next time you visit the Lion & Safari Park, keep an eye out for these hidden treasures of the wild. They may be shy and elusive, but they are an integral part of the rich tapestry of life that makes our park so special.

Spotlight on Excellence

We're excited to celebrate Brenda and Kamo as our Employees of the Month! Their hard work, positivity, and dedication to hospitality shine brightly at the Lion & Safari Park. Thank you both for making a significant impact and ensuring our guests have memorable experiences. Keep up the fantastic work!

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